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Do you sense disengagement, disconnection and stress in your employees?

We develop customized rhythm-based programs to inspire, engage and unite your employees

Corporate Programs

Living Rhythm facilitates meaningful experiences allowing people to connect to their own pulse and the pulse of their team through interactive drumming and rhythm-based programs.

Unlock Your Teams Potential with Our
5 Step D.R.I.V.E. Process

Our Mission

Help organizations who want to:

  • Invest in their employees’ wellness
  • Elevate Moods.
  • Save money, increase profits
  • Inspire, engage and unite employees D.R.I.V.E.'ing them towards success

We want companies to see beyond just benefit plans, health food and yoga (all good things). Our goal is to inspire, engage and unite corporate teams driving them towards success. Our 5 step process, D.R.I.V.E (Drumming Rhythm Interaction Vizualization Empowerment) , motivates the employee to be driven to their greatest potential. We offer wellness packages that are evidence and research based.

Wellness Packages

The Beat of Now is a wellness program aimed to support mental health, stress release and mindfulness. We use sound and our senses to explore the power of now and the power of intentional, focused thoughts without judgement. Focus is strengthened over time as we engage and create an open dialogue with our "monkey brain", training and strengthening it like a muscle in our body.

We use drums, our bodies and other sounds to create an engaging and interactive programs to explore the power of breath, calming our mind and how being present in the moment can leave us feeling relaxed and exhilarated. Rhythms, beats and visualizations are used to create a meaningful positive experiences for each group. Our goal is for participants to leave with concrete tools and ideas that they can use to implement in their daily life.

  • Packages offered by 3 weeks, 6 weeks or 9 week sessions
  • Weekly 60-90 minutes sessions
  • Up to 20 participants
  • Benfits include Mental Health, Cognitive, Physical, Social Emotional and Improved Productivity
  • Programs for largers teams available upon request.

Workplace Team Building Program

This program can help make a significant positive impact for your employees and your company’s bottom line. Companies spend a fortune hiring people simply to find out that they are uninspired, unproductive and ultimately unprofitable.

We can help reduce turn over rates by inspiring everyone from young millennials to seasoned employees through rhythm-based ice breakers, interactive drumming meditation and other customized faciliated activities. Addressing the health and wellness of those among your teams, leads to increased revenue for your business by inspiring, engaging, and unifying your teams.

The feedback has been fantastic and I have suggested this program for other departments.

Erin Nimms
VP, Microsoft Marketing

I URGE you to try a program with Ora and her team, and place it at the top of your to do list! It will affect change and growth in your mind, body and soul.

Sara Icyk
Yoga, Health and Wellness Expert

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